Where Are You Now?

Martha had a good friend – Irene – in the Painting & Printmaking Dept. at VCU as an undergrad. After undergrad school Irene was our host on numerous occasions on both coasts – in LA and NYC. Irene, where are you now? You’ve done LA & New York, so you must be in Paris now. You forgot to sign your model release.

Red, white & blue. Irene in NYC.
In NYC, Irene rehearses for her role as Spider Woman.
Martha and Irene in Irene's LA warehouse loft. The loft was so big I skateboarded around in the space.

One thought on “Where Are You Now?

  1. Irene, Where are You Now? I wish “Paris”…but NYC has been a lot of hard work and a lot of fun for the past 33 years! Woooo!!

    Thanks so much for the joyful reminder of both coastal visits. We haven’t changed that much-we still love art, books, music, the visual image, fashion…we’re fortunate to have our fine arts passion.

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