Eire Free

Eire (pronounced Eh-ra): the Gaelic word for Ireland.

Many sections of Dublin's sidewalks are embedded with glass blocks. The really cool thing is that the glass blocks were at one time illuminated from below, making pub crawling much safer at night. Most don't function any more (the lights, not the pub crawlers).
Perhaps you've seen one of the posters featuring "The Doors of Dublin". It's a fact, Dubliners take pride in differentiating their front doors. These aren't the best examples, but you probably get the idea.
With Dublin as our base, we took many train rides to see the countryside. Oh why-o-why can't most of the U.S. have a decent commuter rail system? On one day trip south, after visiting the James Joyce Tower at the coastal town of Sandy Cove, we continued on to Killiney. As we walked down an alley between ancient stone and brick walls separating large estate grounds we determined "this must be Bono's place".
These photos were taken in 2005, but the decades-old Catholic-Protestant sectarian strife is still palpable.
This is a facade from a pub near the waterfront section of Belfast. The pub was closed at the time. This section of Belfast is quite weird, because most of the historic structures have been torn down, apparently in an effort to cast the area in a more modern light, and to sanitize/forget the sad, chaotic past.

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