Orchid Oddities

Sometimes it seems a little gratuitous to display photographic images of plants. After all, the beauty is inherent, so the photography is documentary, not really a creative exercise. And the subject is usually static, so the shots aren’t difficult. But it’s also a matter of seizing the opportunity to really “see”, to look harder at things that are taken for granted – see more, think more, appreciate more. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is moving the Orchids Galore exhibition out of the Conservatory to make room for Butterflies LIVE. Many of the orchids will be returned to the Conservatory soon.

Not a great photograph, but a great specimen. Kind of like a group of finger puppets with their hair on fire.
This "face" looks vaguely familiar, or maybe it's just that parts of it look familiar. Oh - one thing comes to mind - did you ever see the first Predator movie, when the alien takes off his helmet?
Lots of talk nowadays about the Red Planet. Maybe this is what life looks like on Mars - under a microscope.
Ya know, if we think our lives are difficult, try being an orchid at an orchid show - trying to stand out from the crowd.
"Mosaic" is not exactly a popular term in the plant profession, since many fungal diseases are defined by a mosaic pattern. However, I gave this one the Best Mosaic Award, for the most elaborate graphical pattern.

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