Old Manchester Farm Daze

The 2012 Richmond Earth Day Festival in Old Manchester was a fun event. Beautiful day,  everyone in shorts & sandals, almost everyone smiling, a great variety of good live music. Even the Noah-O rap segment was good, enlivened by the dynamite performance of the  guest female vocalists. The positive vibe was enough to help me overcome my guilt at consuming two gallons of gas to get to the festival, and for having to pay the $3 fee at the cash machine on site.

Surely there was a Pied Piper inside, from the steady stream of people entering the FarmBus (Farm 2 Family). The fun, casual graphics on the bus almost allow me to forgive the misspelling of "y'all".
Plenty of blue sky, even though we knew the rain (much-needed) was coming.
The old train station, and the huge Southern States granary.
There must be some explanation for my affinity for rust, but I haven't found it yet.

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