They Wiggle When They Walk

Saturday, October 1st in the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden started out like many others since Hurricane Irene: Gloomy and wet. Those conditions didn’t deter eight volunteers from showing up ready to work. Normally we wouldn’t want a lot of foot traffic in the garden when it’s wet, but at this stage the planting beds are easily accessible from well-mulched pathways.

The Lewis Ginter Conservatory shines despite the early morning gloom.

The large number of volunteers was perfect for our primary task of the day – manual intervention to control cabbage worms. Our experiment with row covers produced a completely surprising, antithetical observation: The covered plants had many more worms than the uncovered plants. Theories? (Uncovered plants allowed predators to get to the worms; the cool nights drove the worms under the row covers to the warmer environment…?)

Volunteers Mike Cluverius and John Laslett begin a meticulous search for cabbage worms.
Bird Feast: This is the "harvest" from just one covered double row of Broccoli plants.
The Early Green Gonzales cabbages are beginning to form their "heads", with no significant impact yet from the cabbage worms.

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