Joint Effort

Another good day in the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden (CKG).  Well, it really wasn’t a “day”, it was a three-hour work session with more than a dozen volunteers, so that’s a week of work for one person. And one person really can’t do the job – the scale is that significant.

One of the neatest things about today is that we worked both ends of the process: on the front end we made an effort to start more tomato plants, and we also delivered 545 pounds of extremely fresh vegetables to FeedMore’s Community Kitchen.

High-quality tomatoes represented 391 pounds of the total delivery. What are “Hanover” tomatoes going for per pound in your local market? That donation has serious retail value, but more importantly, it’s fresh and powerful nutrition for those members of our community served by the Community Kitchen.

The other cool aspect is that we had Lewis Ginter’s (LG) teen Youth Volunteer Program work hand in hand with some of LG’s senior volunteers. 105 tomato cuttings were placed into pots with a goal of extending the tomato yield into early October.

These hands look professional, yet they belong to a focused Youth Volunteer Program team member.
Definitely a "hands-on" experience.
You're looking at 391 pounds of high quality, fresh tomatoes. We also delivered another 154 pounds of high quality zucchini and yellow squash.

I know my CKG posts have been pretty bubbly, but it’s not like we don’t have our challenges: hot days, powdery mildew, squash bugs, birds, critters in general. We’ve been fortunate so far. Now the battle against the elements and the pests is on, to try to preserve good production through the remainder of the season.

2 thoughts on “Joint Effort

    1. Sadly, we tried 105 cuttings and less than 10% rooted. We’re going to try again, maybe using sand instead of potting soil. However, my guess is that it was mostly due to the actual selection of the cutting.

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