Youthful Vigor Handles the Rigor

Despite the heat, we’re on a roll in the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden. The current crop of zucchini, yellow squash and tomatoes has thus far produced a yield of 2688 pounds of very fresh vegetables for the Community Kitchen.

We had a small section of usable space not yet planted, so with the help of the Tyler family and the Lewis Ginter Youth Volunteer Program (YVP) we removed the weeds, tilled the soil and today we planted cucumbers. We expect to begin harvesting cucumbers by September 12, which should give us at least four weeks of yield.

Tremendous kudos to the YVP, a small but incredibly energetic and productive group of high-schoolers and college interns who have labored in the garden every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer. The YVP is led by Lewis Ginter’s Erin Wright.

A YVP participant from the Faison School deftly handles the cucumber seed while preparing to plant.
Another Faison School student helps by watering in the cucumber seed.
YVP Leader Erin Wright displays part of a morning's harvest.

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