Iberian Hiatus

Longtime friend and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts performing arts impresario Pat Jagoda just returned from her annual hiatus to Portugal & Spain. Pat does a very thorough job of documenting her travels, so let’s have a little vicarious travel experience with a few of her images.

Madrid Club Boco del Lobo, a rock club. How will the wolf survive? (Los Lobos) Very well, by the appearance of this beautifully carved wooden sign.
Rua das Portas. I love the design of this neon cafe sign, and it's even cooler in contrast with the historic architecture of the building.
Peguera - an old beach resort on the southwest part of the island of Majorca (Mallorca). How old is this street/wall? I'm guessing it could date back to the time of the Moors (711 - 1492).
Another eclectic mix of signage, including the contrast between the pseudo-medieval cobbler's symbol and the contemporary urban "tag". Casa Forra ( Baixa district - Lisbon) may not look like much on the outside, but inside you'll find every kind of shoe & luggage accessory. Take a number & wait - it's busy.
Trolley making its rounds on Rua Garrettt in the Chiado district of Lisbon.
Cervejaria de Trindade. The oldest beer hall (cerveja = cerveza) in Lisbon, now a brewery and fine seafood restaurant. Originally the site of the largest and most important monastery in Portugal, founded in 1294. (1294!) Some of the Azulejos tiles used in the construction of the brewery were salvaged from the ruins of the monastery.
The Portugese are masters of the sea indeed. Window display of a restaurant on Rua de Augusta in Lisbon.
Letting it all hang out. Serrano ham and other meats displayed in La Boqueria, Barcelona's huge indoor market.
Rua de Noticias in Lisbon's Barrio Alto district. On one of my own European trips I noticed a stark contrast beween France & Italy. The instant you cross the border from France into Italy you see laundry hanging out of the windows. Maybe it's a shortage of automatic dryers, but I bet France has a rule against hanging laundry out.

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