Strength in Numbers

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden conservatory from the rear, irrigation lake in foreground.

The Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden has scale – significant scale. The following image shows the eastern edge of the garden currently populated with Black Beauty zucchini and tomatoes – rows & rows of tomatoes (20 plants per row).

Zucchini charging along, tomatoes starting to surge.

On Monday the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden was visited by 21 committed volunteers from Genworth Financial. This was by far the largest single group of volunteer laborers thus far this season. More than sixty hours of labor were accomplished within a 3 hour span. The following two photos demonstrate the value of their efforts:

These tomatoes need to be staked, and the weeds need to be suppressed.
This bed is now "made", with the Genworth volunteers handling the staking, tying the vines to the stakes, laying black plastic and mulching. The same progress was accomplished in the zucchini bed, and other important tasks were accomplished in the original plot of tomatoes.

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