Pain Street

Here’s a new song from the Next Steps songlist. This song is about people down on their luck. We often hear comparisons in the media about the recession’s impact on Wall Street (banks & financiers) versus the impact on “Main Street” (you & me). Many of the corporate casualties of the past several years have found employment, but many have not. Veterans are coming home and facing a 11% unemployment rate overall – 27% for male veterans age 18-24. And then there are always the chronically unemployable. So in this case it’s not Main Street, it’s Pain Street.

Try to “walk in their shoes”, try to lend a hand – if you can stand the heat (meaning: stretching out of your comfort zone.)

A couple of excellent volunteer opportunity resources are:

Hands On Greater Richmond (

Volunteer Match (


2 thoughts on “Pain Street

    1. That’s a good question. It used to be at the bottom of each post, but disappeared. Anyhow, you’re the first non-family member to “like” any of my content, so I guess WordPress decided this site doesn’t need a like button.
      I appreciate the compliment – particularly from an accomplished musician.

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