Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden Update

It’s now approximately Week 6 for the vegetable garden, and things are really rolling. Garden volunteers have just completed planting the second large plot with tomatoes and squash: 280 Black Beauty Zucchini plants & 360 tomato plants (a combination of Big Beefs and a Champion heat-resistant hybrid.)

The original 170 tomato plants planted six weeks ago are loaded with tomatoes, and the original planting of yellow squash is beginning a tidal wave of output. Volunteers are still needed for mulching, weeding and harvesting. Sign up through the Hands On Greater Richmond web site: http://www.handsonrva.org (Find an Opportunity; Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden).

These Black Beauty zucchini seedlings may look puny now (note the nickel), but scroll down to get a glimpse of their future.
Sure, these tomato plants look pitiful now, but with proper attention & conditions they'll be as robust as the original plot in just a couple of weeks. Several factors conspired to delay this planting, but as you can see the stubborn plants are already generating fruit.
The first plot of Better Boys, planted six weeks ago.
Soon the Black Beauty plants will be as healthy as the yellow squash planted earlier.
Lewis Ginter maintains its own honey bee population in hives on the garden grounds.
The beginnings of a tidal wave of yellow squash.

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