Disney Wrap-Up

These will be the last of the recent Disney images to be posted. However, beware, I’m going to start scanning my Left Coast Kodachromes from the late Seventies for a few posts.

A scene from the Hollywood Back Lots portion of Disney's California Adventure theme park. The design, detail and fabrication of both parks is very good, the best I've seen.
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Detail of the Castle outside of the Snow White ride. Big contrast between the retro Snow White ride and the animatrons, sound, water and holograms used in the Pirates ride.
Martha spending time with Cap'n Jack Sparrow on Disneyland's Main Street.
This replica of an Amtrak California Zephyr dome car brings back very pleasant memories of the train rides we used to take from Santa Barbara to San Francisco.
There's something about that SoCal light & color.

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