Pirates Treasure

Martha took me on a little jaunt to Disneyland over the past four days. The trip was fully sponsored by Verizon. I’ll make a number of posts to share the images, but first let’s cover the primary purpose – attending the premiere of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, including an up-close vantage point for the celebrity walk. In this case the carpet was black, not red, following the Pirates theme. I’ll begin with shots of a surprisingly warm & gracious Johnny Depp.

Johnny Arrives
Johnny's Rigorous Personal Security
Johnny Greets Martha
Johnny Depp Within Inches

4 thoughts on “Pirates Treasure

  1. Nice posts! Someday you must tell me how to get the phone company to pay for trips to California. That sounds like a deal.

      1. Cool! We won a trip one time and were super happy until the tour company sent us a 1099 for a trip valued at about 5 times what the trip was really worth. A long battle with the IRS ensued and we eventually won (paid taxes on the fair market value of the trip only). But t was still worth going on the trip.

      2. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. We knew about the 1099 going in. We’ve done a snapshot of the valuation and should be comfortable addressing the tax.

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