Celebrity Walk

More from our Verizon-sponsored trip to Disneyland. These images are a reminder as to why I’m not a photography pro. Some success in the heat of the action, some failure (see Penelope Cruz). For example, I was using an unfamiliar pocket cam, and as evening fell at first I didn’t realize the flash had to be reset every time the camera was turned off.  Oh, BTW, although we indeed found the Fountain of Youth, my joints still ache.

This is mid-morning Saturday. A huge number of fans actually arrived as early as 1:00 AM outside the gates in order to hold seats until 5:30 PM for the celebrity walk.
Some of the boisterous - and I mean boisterous - fans.
As yet unidentified media host, having fun with the paparazzi.
As yet unidentified media person, showing her Hollywood fashion sense (or nonsense).
Jodie Foster
Penelope Cruz - If only I'd known to reset the flash.
Eva Longoria & Mickey. Yep, we're on the carpet, 6 feet away.
After Johnny moved on we actually walked the carpet with some of the stars still on it.

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Walk

    1. Spoiler Alert: In the new movie Blackbeard is not a good guy. I’ve always liked the notion that like me, William Teach was a fan of the Outer Banks.

  1. If I had a daughter such as P. Cruz, I would feel I had done enough good for humanity also.

    Re: making a living from blogging is something I would very much like to know more about. Please keep me informed on this subjet.

    1. On that basis, I feel like a real humanitarian, ’cause our daughter Emily is as beautiful as Penelope. More to come on the blog commerce subject.

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