Lunar Perigee

The one and only full “supermoon” for 2017 occurred December 3. A supermoon is defined by it’s close proximity to the Earth. The moon’s actual closest point to Earth in its orbit is defined as the “lunar perigee”, whether the moon is “full” or not. This year the two events occurred on consecutive days. The 12/3/2017 supermoon is the first of three consecutive full supermoons, with the next two occurring January 2 and January 31, 2018. The 1/2/2018 supermoon is expected to be visually the largest of the three.
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Of course that’s only if the Earth’s wackiest national leaders can keep their tiny hands off the nuclear triggers.

A full moon is a full moon – by any name, and this author has “seen” full moons that appear larger than this supermoon, such as “Harvest moons” or other dramatic versions magnified by particles in the atmosphere.

The lunar perigee was super.

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