2013 Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden

Most of the planning is nearing completion for the 2013 Community Kitchen Garden at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Beginning its 5th year, the Community Kitchen Garden (CKG) is dedicated to growing fresh produce for FeedMore’s Meals on Wheels and after-school feeding programs. Here’s an overview, including the Plant List, Calendar, and tentative garden layouts. The Calendar is based on our Monday & Saturday AM volunteer work sessions.
Those of you with CKG experience may notice a reduction in the volume of tomato (Solanaceae) and squash (Cucurbitaceae) plants compared to previous years. That’s because of crop rotation requirements. We rotate plant families within our limited space in order to minimize pest and plant disease challenges. The selection of crops is made in concert with Feedmore’s Community Kitchen staff, based on their menu planning.
Heads Up: In 2013 most – if not all – Community Kitchen Garden posts will originate on the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden blog, so visit that blog often (http://www.lewisginter.org/blog/). The Lewis Ginter blog now has a Category directory to facilitate quick access to Community Kitchen Garden posts.

CKG 2013 Plant Matrix 030413 Sheet1

LG CKG Locbury Plan WIP 030113

LG CKG Back 40 2013 Plan

CKG Calendar 2013 1
CKG Calendar 2013 2
CKG Calendar 2013 3

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