Incredible Cauliflower

The cauliflower in the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden is maturing slowly but surely. The cooler than normal temperatures have slowed the process, but we’ve already harvested 110 lbs. of Snow Crown curds and 70 lbs. of cauliflower leaves for delivery to FeedMore.
Most people have never seen a complete cauliflower plant. The giant leaves are beautiful, plentiful and highly nutritious. FeedMore is also making use of our broccoli leaves and stems.

YTD Community Kitchen Garden Harvest Total: 10,955 lbs.

Lewis Ginter gardener Laura Schumm wrangles a massive cauliflower.

A beautiful Snow Crown specimen, 11/21/12.

Recipes abound on the Web, from roasting the leaves to soups. Try olive oil, onions & apples with the chopped stalks and leaves in a saute pan. Cook to desired tenderness.

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