The Jetsons have Landed

The Jetsons have landed in Lakeside RVA. One of the cool things about driving down Lakeside Avenue is that you’ll likely spot a pristine vintage auto or two. You might even spot an auto from the future.

1961 Chrysler 300 custom mod spotted at Lakeside Auto.

Certainly top speed must be the speed of light.

Detail of rear bumper with built-in exhaust.

A Citroen DS 21 – not sure of the model year – spotted at Mercer & Woodson . In 2009 the Citroen DS model series (1955 – 1975) was voted The Most Beautiful Car of all time by a panel of 20 automobile designers.

Space Age wind sheer design.

Most likely a later model, because the earlier DS models didn’t have the high-rise rear signal lights.

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