Gold Rush

We’ve received several questions about the near-perfect beauty of our Gold Rush squash. In truth, it’s a hybridized zucchini (Cucurbita pepo). The color is wonderfully uniform & consistent, and frankly almost looks unreal. Reasons: 1) It’s a hybrid, designed to be resistant to disease. We allocate portions of our garden to hybrids in order to maximize production for the Community Kitchen. 2) The fertilizer for these hybrids has been limited to tilled under cover crops (green manure) and a combo of fish emulsion & seaweed extract. Plus, we baby our squash. We’ve intensively examined for pests, eliminating threats manually – thanks to our many volunteers.

Admittedly scary perfect, if harvested at just the right size.

The transformation in progress.

A few hundred pounds yield so far, and the promise of several hundred more.

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