More Power to Ya

On Monday 6/4 we had another great visit from Christa Vidonic and her Dominion Power co-workers in the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden. Last Fall Christa and team came twice to help clear out the fading tomato vines to get ready for the fall crops. This time they’re on the front end of the process: planting tomatoes, driving tomato stakes and feeding the young plants. Christa and team plan to come again to help with harvesting the squash.

From left: Rod Holmes, Mike Wright, Christa Vidonic and George Slayton feed the baby zucchini plants with liquid fish emulsion & seaweed extract.

Rod Holmes (left) and Mike Wright tackle the tough task of driving tomato stakes.

The Dominion team with two additional Lewis Ginter volunteers. From left: Rod, Laura, Mike, Christa, George, Jo.

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