We’re Growing

The Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden is adding 5,000 square feet. The broad lawn behind Locbury House will be converted into a vegetable garden. A major goal for the new space is accessibility. With help from the community we’ll add raised beds with wheelchair access.

These first two beds were constructed with scrap lumber. Our plan includes at least four more raised beds, creating a substantial opportunity for wheelchair gardeners.
The Locbury House expansion will feature no-till "lasagna" beds, elevating the planting level with piles of organic materials. This first bed illustrates the use of compost in the planting bed with wood chips on the pathways.

2 thoughts on “We’re Growing

  1. Beds are looking good. What’s beneath the compost – will roots penetrate to soil below?

    Great masthead shot of accordion.

    1. I forgot to mention the cardboard layer of mulch. The cardboard will decompose – fairly quickly – and in the interim it will hopefully buffer (slow down or maybe even kill) the bermuda grass.

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