Botaniacal Beauties

This variety has a 6-inch diameter bloom. It's a little awkward, because the shrub is only about four feet tall at this point, and when it gets loaded with blooms the branches sag. I take the pressure off by pruning the blooms and floating them in a bowl of water in the house.

Yes, I do know how to spell botanical – I was just trying to get your attention. No, I’m not designing a new label for a condensed milk can. That would be a carnation, and you’ve already guessed this is a camelia. I hope this image will draw you to photographer Robert Llewellyn’s current exhibit (Seeing Trees) at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Llewellyn utilized special techniques to create beautiful high-resolution extra-large images of botanical specimens. The exhibit is located in the Education & Library Complex building (adjacent to the Visitors Center), and garden admission is not required. Check the Lewis Ginter website for hours. No time to waste though, I believe the exhibit comes down March 4, but call Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden to be sure.

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