It’s a Wrap

The Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden is now shut down for the winter. Volunteers in the garden produced 9913 pounds of high quality produce for FeedMore’s Community Kitchen (Weight distribution by type: Tomatoes – 5594.5, Zucchini/Squash – 3035.5, Cauliflower – 460, Cabbage – 235, Broccoli – 220 and Green Peppers – 18). While falling just shy of the 10,000 pound goal, the 2011 yield represents an 8% increase over 2010 production. This excellent yield was made possible by the hundreds of hours of sweat equity volunteers invested in the garden throughout 2011.

The oldest red cabbage leaves produced a kaleidoscope of color.
The red cabbages were a bit of a disappointment by not fully maturing even after 100 days in the field. It's probably due to getting them planted too late in September.
It's a bloomin' cabbage! After the primary heads were harvested, we left the cabbage plants in the field and the plants produced these wonderful clusters of rosettes.
While not heavy or dense, the rosettes were tender and fresh.

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