Red is Still the Color

It’s not even officially the start of Autumn yet, so this color theme could go on for awhile. Leigh, one of the vegetable garden regular volunteers, happened upon the funky fungi pictured below and suggested it fits with the “Red” theme. I don’t know what type of fungi it is, but it had a truly strange appearance in the early morning light – almost as if it was battery-powered.

The second photo also fits the color theme, and it’s a continuation of our examination of arthropods in the vegetable garden. We received some cool news today: A biology major is going to start volunteering in the vegetable garden. Do we have some questions for her, particularly regarding arthropods of the Insecta family!

I kid you not, this photo is only nominally manipulated (enhanced). This Funky Fungi literally glowed in the filtered, early morning sun under the tomato plants, as if battery-charged.
Leaf-Footed Bug nymphs - or at this stage most of these are more like teenagers in Insecta age. Seriously bright red in color, several volunteers were convinced these were Fire Ants.

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