Field of Car Dreams

Moyock, NC seems to be a hotbed of classic car parts, restoration and muscle car engineering. For the American classic car enthusiast it’s really something to look forward to during the long drive from Central Virginia to the Outer Banks. There are several enterprises, including the salvage yard pictured here.

Somewhat grouped by maker, this is "Chevy Row."
When I spotted this front headlight profile from the side along Chevy row I thought "That's my dream car - a '57 Chevy Bel Air! I can do it up in dark blue metal flake, with navy blue & white tuck & roll interior!" But it wasn't a '57, so I'm still waiting to start my dream car project.
Yep, there was a time when car hoods were as big as king beds. BTW, if you need one of these hoods, better not wait. The combination of salt air & moisture takes its toll quickly.
A Moyock "Quarter Miler". When I was growing up you knew if you saw a car sans front bumper you didn't want to mess with it or anybody in it. They didn't care if they ran into anything with the car - and for sure they wanted as little wind resistance as possible for those back road straightaways. This one definitely has personality, with the cute little visors above the headlights.


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