Presto Chango

I think I owe the City props for cleaning up the Bryan Park trash runoff log jam. My prior post on this subject was dated  7/7/11.

I’ve been tardy with this follow-up post – this photo was taken 7/21/11. There haven’t been any major gully washers since then, so the lake should remain scenic for awhile.

All city parks are precious, and deserve this kind of attention.

Let’s see what the Bushog & Squirrel gang have to say now:

4 thoughts on “Presto Chango

    1. Probably the latter… or my spotlight steamed Boatdog so much he beat the drum with his city council member, or beat his council member with a drum.

  1. Well done! for whatever reason. Looks like a great location for me to photograph a belly dancer now. Maybe I’m going in the wrong direction in my blogging if you can make things like this happen. I can’t wait to refer this to Boatdog!

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