Amaranth is a grain plant and/or leafy vegetable native to the Americas, and favored by the Aztecs. High in fiber and low in saturated fats, the grain can contain as much as 17% protein.*  There are quite a few amaranth volunteers in the mix of “weeds” popping up within the Lewis Ginter (LG) Community Kitchen Garden. I have no idea of the origins of the seed in this case.

I couldn’t resist letting this – now massive – plant mature as a specimen for the teen LG Youth Volunteer Group. I was wondering if this variety might be the “Love Lies Bleeding” strain with the magenta, draping seed plumes.  I don’t think so. Now I’m thinking it’ll have to be removed, before we propagate an unintended crop for next year.

* University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension; University of Minnesota Center for Alternative Plant & Animal Products

Vigorous and robust, with no fertilizer, only rainfall for irrigation and despite several days of 100 degree heat.
The seed heads really are quite lush and appetizing. I'm thinking cereal for breakfast.

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