Unreal? No, real.

After that last post I have to cleanse our visual palates (yep, I mean palates – not palettes) with a beauty shot. This image is by Arthur Stephens (arthurstephensphotography.com). Arthur used the “panoramic” technique to capture this lush tropical foliage image from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Conservatory. (Click on image to enlarge to full effect. Click “back” arrow to return to blog.)

Although panoramic photographs are usually associated with spacious vistas, the modern technique can be applied even within relatively small spaces, adding an extra-dimensional effect. Generally, multiple frames are captured of a specific subject or setting, and the individual images are “stitched” together by computer using various versions of “auto-stitch” software.

Here’s Arthur’s description of his technique:

“Two rows – three on bottom, three on top – shot at 1 to 2 stops under what the auto exposure dictated. Auto-stitched in Calico. Most panos are shot from a single origin point – but on this one I moved parallel to the subject to minimize distortion.”

Copyright 2011, Arthur Stephens. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Unreal? No, real.

  1. If Arthur hadn’t invited me to go with him to LGBG on the 4th I’d still be clueless about all the beauty there except what I’ve seen you posting lately. I really love the Conservatory and had also seen the one in Washington for the first time this past November, which I want to visit. Made this video for Althea who couldn’t go.

  2. Caught this quick panorama while with friends on route to fish market under the bridge, they were also kind enough to show me the Neptune fountain also.

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