Down on the Farm

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden has allocated a significant space to be utilized as a “Community Kitchen” vegetable garden for the Central Virginia Foodbank. The fresh produce will be used in balanced evening meals for at-risk children in partnering after-school programs throughout Metro Richmond and the Tri-Cities, and other non-profit feeding programs. The vegetable garden program was developed by Tom Brinda, Lewis Ginter’s Assistant Executive Director.

So far Tom and his volunteers have over 250 tomato plants in the ground, at least 100 hills of yellow squash & zucchini plants thriving, and we’re not quite 2/3 done with the initial planting. The rain has slowed the work process. This is a very labor intensive process, with initial tilling by horse & plow, then tractor, but everything else done by hand. So far there have been about six three-hour work sessions, with an average of three workers per session. Several additional laborers would be welcome! Work sessions are generally scheduled for Monday & Saturday mornings through the rest of the growing season. Sign on through

Lewis Ginter Tomatoes - Day 1 of planting. Note the nice system of stakes & soaker hoses.
Week 3 - "Beefing Up" (pun intended)
More Lewis Ginter Tomatoes Day 1
Same Tomatoes Week 3

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