3 thoughts on “Springing Into Action

  1. When I first met Althea she had a basement apartment in the fan where she had a sunken garden outside her front door where we planted some huge fiddle head ferns that I always enjoyed. You got me on search for this shot now. Great photo and memory!

    1. Thanks for helping to identify those ferns. I had forgotten exactly what type they are. The immature growth is called “fiddleheads”, and the mature plant is referred to as an Ostrich fern. After your comment I saw a bunch of info on the web about how people prepare & eat the fiddleheads. I think they look pretty creepy en mass on a plate, sort of like severed sea horse tails.

      1. I’ve started liking and eating steamed okra, it couldn’t be any worse than that?
        Hey, I looked for these today, in the wild, at the greenhouse, and at the TAN-A, and yes I was going to eat them after I scanned them.
        If you Google fiddlehead ferns you mostly get arty pictures and food shots. I didn’t think this was going to be so hard. It reminds me how much trouble I had last year getting a passion flower plant.
        I’m still searching……………

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